More Than a Brand

Why we started Mountain Hound

How Mountain Hound Came to Be

Dogs Are Family
A Dog's Perfect Timing

Maggie is a Golden Doodle who came at the perfect time in life for Chase (one of our founders) and his wife Morgan. They struggled with infertility for several years, Maggie brought them joy during that time. Maggie now is their 2-year old daughter's best-friend.

Busy Making Memories
Adventures Upon Adventures

Mountain Hound was founded in Utah in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Every weekend is an adventure. From hiking, camping, swimming and playing in the snow; our backyard are the mountains and the trails our playground.

Products Couldn't Pace
We Start Building Our Own

It felt like we were always buying new gear for our pup Maggie and we felt there had to be a better way. So we started working with manufacturers to make our own products.

"Hey Guys, I have An Idea"
We Form Mountain Hound

In 2020 Chase called Austin, Dave, and Rosson (the other 3 founders) and suggested we do something about the lack of quality focused dog products. So, we form Mountain Hound. And 2 years later we launch the brand in December of 2022.

This Should Be Fun
It's Only The Beginning

Mountain Hound is only just starting. We have a variety of products we'll be rolling out as we continue to grow. We're focused on our providing great products to our customers so they can adventure without worry. We exist so you can focus on building memories with your pup(s).