What are the Best Toys for Hounds?

What are the Best Toys for Hounds?

Like humans, a bored hound isn't likely to be a happy hound, so selecting the best toys and dog accessories for them is essential. In fact, good toys for dogs can provide hounds with hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

What to Look for When Choosing Good Toys for Dogs

When choosing ideal pet products for your four-legged companion, there are a few things to consider.

Look for quality, robust materials that won't damage easily, and avoid toys with sharp edges or small parts that could turn into potential choking hazards after a nibble or two!

Good toys for dogs should be:

  • BPA-free
  • Made in the USA (reputable manufacturers)
  • Made from organic cotton/eco-friendly materials
  • 100% natural rubber

Does Toy Size Matter?

Yes, in this case, size does matter. Selecting oversized toys for a small dog will mean they struggle to play with them, while choosing undersized toys for bigger breeds is simply offering them a potential choking hazard.

Instead, purchasing toys somewhere in the middle (not too big or too small) is the best rule of paw when choosing good toys for dogs.

8 of the Best Toys for Hounds

  1.  Treat Dispensing Toys – these can be filled with their favorite snacks, providing an incentive to keep playing and practicing good behaviors you've taught them.


  1. Chew Toys – great for puppies and teething adult dogs; chew toys help clean teeth, reduce boredom, and provide mental stimulation.


  1. Kongs – a classic pet product, Kongs are durable rubber or foam toys that come in various shapes and sizes to suit all dog breeds. They also have treat dispensing varieties which add an extra layer of fun for your hound.


  1. Balls – these simple yet effective dog accessories can provide hours of entertainment, whether chasing them around the garden or playing fetch with your furry friend.


  1. Plush Toys – perfect for snuggling up to and providing comfort when you're away from home, these toys usually come in various shapes and sizes too.


  1. Puzzle Toys – designed to engage their minds and provide mental stimulation; they're also great for problem-solving and developing intelligence.


  1. Flying Discs – made from lightweight materials, these discs can be thrown long distances and make a great game of catch between you both!


  1. Treat Dispensing Snuffle Mats – perfect for indoor play, these mats are filled with small treats your pup can search through (snuffle) and pull out using their nose or paws!

How to Know When To Toss Your Dogs Toys

Like kids, dogs tend to collect a vast collection of toys over time, but often these would be better in the garbage due to damage and age.

Check their toys and dog accessories regularly for:

  • Ripped seams or tears
  • Loose stuffing, sequins, or buttons
  • Sharp edges (rubber or plastic toys) caused by excessive chewing
  • Unpleasant smell that doesn't go away when the toy is washed

Unfortunately, even good toys for dogs are a breeding ground for germs such as Staph bacteria, mold, and yeast. Yuck! Hand wash toys frequently with hot water and mild dish detergent; soft toys can be put in the washing machine for a deeper cleanse.

Final Woof

Dog toys are excellent for keeping your hound entertained while providing the necessary mental stimulation they need. As with anything hound-related, durability is key; therefore, when choosing dog accessories, including good dog toys, consider how hard-wearing they are. Can you wash them? Will your pet destroy them in minutes?

Selecting dog toys that will last can save pet parents time and money in the long run. In fact, if you notice your hound is especially attached to a specific toy, purchasing a backup to replace it when it's ready for the garbage is a great idea!

mage by congerdesign from Pixabay