The Best Nail Clippers for Dogs, According to Groomers

The Best Nail Clippers for Dogs, According to Groomers

American groomers have weighed in on their favorite dog nail clipper brands- some of them may surprise you! We've compiled a canine friendly list of the best nail clippers for dogs taking into consideration different nail types and preferences, as well as tips on how to use them correctly. Keep reading to discover more about the top five dog nail clipper brands recommended by America's professional groomers.

The Best Nail Clippers for Dogs

Furminator - Best Dog Nail Clippers for Black Nails

For black nails, the Furminator nail clipper is a reliable choice. This nail clipper is designed to easily cut through thickened and tough nail tips without leaving behind jagged edges. It features stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to stay sharp for long-lasting use. Additionally, the ergonomic design of this nail clipper allows you to grip it firmly in your hand while providing maximum control when trimming your dog's nails.

Millers Forge – Best Nail Clippers for Dogs with Tough Nails

The Millers Forge nail clippers are also highly recommended by professional groomers for their long-lasting blades and comfortable handles. These nail clippers feature precision ground stainless steel blades that can easily clip even the toughest of nails with ease. In addition, the contoured handle provides an ergonomic hold, giving you precision control and comfort when grooming your dog.

Resco – Best Nail Clippers for Dogs with Rough Nails

The Resco nail clippers are another favorite among American groomers for their sharp blades and comfortable handle design. This nail clipper features an ergonomic grip that allows for easy manoeuvring and a built-in nail file to help keep your dog's nails nice and smooth after a trimming session. The long-lasting blades of this nail clipper also ensure that your pup's nails remain neat and tidy all year round.

Safari – Best Nail Clippers for Dogs (small)

The Safari nail trimmer is an excellent choice for pet parents looking for the best nail clippers for their small canines. This trimmer features a small blade ideal for clipping little nails without causing discomfort or pain to your pup. The nail guard also prevents the blades from cutting too close to the nail bed, ensuring that your dog's nails remain safe and healthy.

Oster – Best Nail Clippers for Dogs (natural finish)

Finally, the Oster nail grinder is a great option for those who prefer a more natural nail-trimming method. This nail grinder features an adjustable speed setting, allowing you to gradually file down your dog's nails without causing any damage or discomfort. Additionally, this nail grinder has several different attachments so that you can customize it according to your pup's needs.

Paws 4 Thought 

These are some of the best nail clippers for dogs of all sizes and nail types recommended by American groomers. Whether you're looking for a traditional nail clipper, a nail trimmer, or a nail grinder, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Using these tips, you can easily find the best nail clippers for dogs and keep their nails in tip-top shape!

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay