Pet Allergies and How to Cope With Them

Pet Allergies and How to Cope With Them

We all agree that pet ownership is a joyous experience that can improve one's life in countless ways; however, for those who struggle with pet allergies, loving their furry friends often comes at a price. In fact, anyone who has found themselves in the frustratingly itchy grasp of pet allergies knows exactly what we mean.

Unfortunately, no amount of pet parent adoration can save one from the debilitating symptoms that pet allergies can cause; these include itchy and red eyes, sneezing, and coughing.

If you or a fellow pet parent you know suffers from pet allergies, you are in the right place. Today's blog post aims to provide you with fantastic tips on coping with pet allergies so you can continue to enjoy the company of your pets without having to keep them at arm's or, rather, tail's length!

Coping With Pet Allergies in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Of course, this is something everyone does, yet for pet parents with allergies, it's vital they stick to a regular house cleaning regime. Why? The answer is simple, pet dander. Tiny flakes of skin that shed from furry animals like your loveable hound. These skin flakes are the main culprit behind pet allergies. Keeping your home tidy and free from dander can help control the itchy and somewhat snotty symptoms of pet allergies!

To combat pet dander, you should:

  • Regularly vacuum carpets, soft furnishings, and curtains
  • Keep the surfaces of your home free of dust.
  • Wash your dogs bowls, bedding, toys, and other dog accessories regularly in hot water to kill any hidden allergens.
  1. Use HEPA air filters and an Air Purifier

Air filters containing HEPA technology are designed to trap airborne particles like dander, making them an excellent tool for combating pet allergies. You can use these filters in several places, such as your home's heating and cooling vents, your pet's sleeping area, or near your bed. Additionally, air purifiers can help purify the air in your home.

  1. Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Regularly bathing your pets reduces the number of allergens in their fur and on their skin. Giving your pets a regular wash can go a long way in reducing the symptoms of pet allergies and keeping your home free from dander.

  1. Invest in Hypoallergenic Pet Products

If you or anyone in your family is allergic to pets, it might be worth investing in hypoallergenic pet products. These ideal pet products are specially designed with sensitive-skinned dogs in mind and can drastically reduce allergens and dander. Remember, if you can get their dander under control, your allergy battle is halfway won! Hypoallergenic pet products include shampoos, grooming tools, and even dog accessories like collars and leashes.

  1. Consult With Your Doctor

Lastly, if you are struggling with pet allergies, we recommend you consult your doctor, who can recommend the best treatment plan. This could range from over-the-counter or prescription medications to allergy shots and more.

The Final Sneeze on the Matter

Pet allergies may seem like a curse to pet lovers, but that doesn't mean your pet-loving days are over. Instead, with a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle and pet care routine, you can still enjoy the company of your loveable hound without suffering the consequences of allergies. It's all about investing in the right dog accessories while being proactive and making changes that benefit you and your pet's health and happiness.

Image by Mojca-Peter from Pixabay