Is Microchipping Your Dog the Right Decision?

Is Microchipping Your Dog the Right Decision?

When it comes to dog safety, there are a few things that every dog owner should consider. One significant consideration is whether or not to microchip their dog. While microchipping your pet might sound like something straight out of Star Wars, the reality is it could be the one thing standing between a lost pet and a frantic pet parent!

So, what is a microchip for dogs? What are the benefits of microchipping your dog, and how much does it cost to microchip a dog in the US? In our blog post, we'll aim to answer all those questions in one place!

What Is a Dog Microchip?

 A dog microchip is a small chip that is inserted under the dog's skin. This chip contains all of the dog's important information, such as its name, owner contact details, veterinary records, and more. A dog microchip is quite small, isn't bigger than a grain of rice, and can be implanted in minutes by your vet.

What Are the Benefits of a Microchip Dogs?

There are multiple benefits attached to microchipping your dog.

  • It makes it easier to find your dog if lost

If your dog gets lost or stolen, it will be much easier to track him down with the microchip information.

  •  It proves ownership

 A micro chip for dogs helps you prove ownership of your hound more easily, which is often necessary when traveling with a dog.

  •  It saves time and aids authorities

Another benefit of dog microchipping is less time spent at the vet for identification purposes. Instead of checking a dog's tags and possibly going through other identification processes, vets can quickly scan the dog's microchip and access all its information without having to use extra resources.

Dog Microchip – What the Law Says

Is microchipping a dog the law? No, dog owners can choose whether or not they want to microchip their dogs in the US. However, some states are now mandating that pet owners have their dogs microchipped as part of being responsible pet owners, as many shelters and animal control officers now scan for microchips upon intake.

Additionally, if there is ever a dispute over ownership of a dog, then having a microchip in place can help prove who it belongs to since it is linked to the dog's owner.

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Dog?

US veterinarians charge around $45 for the service, with some charging less or more depending on their location. This cost of a micro chip for dogs includes both implanting and registering the chip in your pet's name, which is important if you want to find your dog with the chip information

Final Thoughts

Overall, dog microchipping is a worthwhile investment for dog owners. Not only does it provide peace of mind that your dog can be identified in the event of an emergency, but it also helps keep you and your dog safe. In addition, the cost of having a dog microchipped is relatively low, so it's definitely worth considering if you have not done so already!

mage by SuKaduna from Pixabay