Interesting Facts About Dog Paws and Care Tips

Interesting Facts About Dog Paws and Care Tips

Did you know that dogs have sweat glands in their paws? This is why your pup leaves sweaty paw prints behind after a long walk. But that's not the only curious fact about your hounds' feet; there are many more interesting facts about dogs and their paws! 

Interesting Facts About a Hounds Paws

  • Temperature Control

Dogs use their paws to help them keep cool. They sweat through the pads and spread moisture when it's too hot outside for them to handle. On top of this, some breeds, such as retrievers and huskies, have extra fur on the bottom of their feet, giving them better insulation from hot or cold surfaces.

Another interesting facts about dogs paws is they have a fatty tissue layer that protects their sweet patooties from freezing in cold and icy temperatures!

  • Shock Absorbers

Aside from helping with temperature regulation, paw pads also act as shock absorbers when running or jumping. In addition, the cushioning helps to protect your dog's joints and bones from wear and tear. Plus, the paw pads are rough, giving your pup a better grip or, rather, 'hound traction' on slippery surfaces like wood or laminate floors.

One of the top fun facts about dogs paws is that they are an excellent braking system. The carpal pad (the paw pad at the back) acts as a rear brake should your careering hound need to stop in a hurry!

  • Poise And Balance 

Unlike their human pet parents, dogs walk on their toes rather than placing their weight on their heels. This means their toes are extremely important for walking and running.

  •  Thumbs Up! 

Dogs have thumbs? Yes, this is one of our favorite facts about dogs! Like humans, dogs have a thumb or rather dewclaw, which is found on their front legs. Some even have them on their hind legs! While domesticated dogs don't really use their hound thumbs, you may find they use them to get a better grip on a tasty bone while chewing.

  •  Aquatic Facts About Dogs! 

Did you know that certain hounds have webbed paws which help propel them through water? Dachshunds, Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water Dogs all have webbed paws that enable them to swim like a fish! Okay, maybe not fish, but you have to agree these hounds have outstanding water capabilities!

Caring for Your Hounds Paws

  • Remove Debris After Every Adventure

To ensure that your dog's paws stay healthy and free from painful infections, it's important to check them regularly after walks for any trapped dirt and debris. Also, look out for any cuts, thorns or other objects stuck between the toes or in the pad and use tweezers to remove this gently.

  •  Regular Paw Cleaning is Essential

Use a soft cloth soaked in warm water to wipe your hounds' paws when they come indoors. This will remove dirt and, in winter, ensures that ice and snow don't remain caked between their paw pads – ouch! Furthermore, in summer, sensitive hounds with grass allergies can avoid painfully swollen paw pads if their paws are cleaned regularly.

Best Paw Forward

Healthy paws are essential for a healthy hound; therefore, a good paw-cleaning regime is one of the most important facts about dogs and caring for them. Not only do they bear the weight of your bouncy pup, but they are also vital for daily activities like walking, running and jumping.

Image by giselastillhard from Pixabay