How to Help an Obese Dog

How to Help an Obese Dog

If your dog is on the chubby side, you're not alone. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 58% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. But don't worry, there are things you can do to help your furry friend slim down. Here are a few tips for how to help an obese dog.

Cut back on the amount of food you're feeding your dog

Feeding your best friend the best dog food doesn't always mean feeding them more. Depending on your pup’s size, age and activity level they may actually need less food than you think. Most of us want to give our furry little best friends the best diets, but overindulging can lead to rapid weight gain that can increase risks of diabetes and heart disease in dogs. Make sure you are providing the best dog food brands recommended by your vet, with portion sizes tailored to their individual needs. Besides being healthier, cutting back on what you’re feeding them will help save money in the long run!

Feed your dog smaller meals more often throughout the day

Many folks have resorted to feeding their pups smaller meals more often during the day and, trust us, it's a wonderful decision! Not only does it ensure that your best pal is kept sufficiently snacked up throughout the day, but it might also significantly improve the consistency of their digestive processes. Best of all? With a variety of best dry dog food choices on the market, you’ll be able to customize your pup's charming little feasts accordingly and provide them with their most preferred snacks every time! So why not give these micro-meals a try? Maybe you'll even become such a master chef that your pup will expect nothing less than quality dining experiences after each mealtime.

Get your dog moving with daily walks or runs

Your dog needs more than the best dry dog food and few dog treats to stay healthy; they need regular physical activity. No matter the shape or size of your four-legged family member, daily walks or runs will help keep them healthy and strong. An active dog is less likely to develop dog food allergies or other health issues, so get moving with Fido today! Bonus: They may even learn a few tricks along the way.

Invest in a doggie treadmill for rainy days or when you can't get outside

In these times of lockdown and increased outdoor restrictions, why not invest in a doggie treadmill for when you can't make it outside for a run? No more worrying about best dog food for those days stuck indoors - the best treat your pup can get is actually exercise! It's like being at the best dog park even on a rainy day. And best of all, no showering needed afterwards.

Talk to your veterinarian about a weight loss plan for your dog

Have you noticed Fido's ample belly lately? Even if your best pal adores snacks, it might be time to talk to your veterinarian about a weight loss plan. There are a few great options that could make all the difference for your dog's health. Low-calorie dog foods are just one way to get started on slimming down your pup. A professional vet can help you determine the best diet and dog food option to include in the game plan to get back in shape. So don't wait - chat with your vet today to give your best buddy their best shot at a healthy lifestyle!


And there you have it, folks! Five easy tips to help get your dog's weight under control. Just remember, if you're unsure about anything related to your dog's health or care, always consult with a professional. We'll be back soon with more helpful tips and advice, so stay tuned!

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