Dog Leash Types Which One is Best for Your Hound?

Dog Leash Types Which One is Best for Your Hound?

Choosing the best dog leash for your hound will depend on a number of factors, including your personal preferences and your hound's size, age, and energy level. Here is a brief overview of the various types of leashes available to help you determine which would work best for you and your hound when dog leash training.

Attributes of a Good Dog Leash

When selecting a dog leash that is appropriate for leash training and adventuring, you should consider the following factors:

  • Comfort – does the handle have a comfortable grip, and is the leash suitable for your dog's breed and size?
  • Features- does the leash have additional features? For example, a car seat buckle or a clip for accessories (poop bag holder).
  • Durability- is the leash made from waterproof material? Does it have strong webbing and quality stitching?

 A good example of a quality dog leash is the Adventure Bungee Leash; in addition to all the above attributes, this leash is also adjustable, shock-absorbing, and connects to a useful Utility Fanny Pack.

Types of Dog Leash

Training Leash

A training leash is designed to provide extra slack that allows you to give corrections during leash training. This type of leash is also ideal for teaching commands such as "come" or "heel" since it gives you more control than a regular leash. Dog training leashes can be anything from 15 feet up to 200 feet long and provide the distance needed for obedience training or working on behaviors that require space. This leash is best used in an open field or area away from anything that could represent a hazard to your hound, like a busy park or street.

Pros: Excellent for dog leash training

Cons: Can cause injury with improper use

Retractable Leash 

A retractable leash features a spring-loaded handle that allows you to extend the leash to any length while your dog is still attached. This leash is great for giving your pup more freedom while out and about, but it can also be dangerous if it's not used properly.

Pros: Retractable and extendable

Cons: Less control/increased risk of injury

Standard Leash

A standard or fixed leash is the most common type of dog leash. Most brands feature an adjustable handle and fixed-length strap that attaches directly to your pup's collar or harness. Standard leashes are ideal for casual walks around the neighborhood, obedience training, or taking your hound for a hike in the woods.

Pros: More control and safe for high-traffic areas

Cons: Can be restrictive in terms of games/recall/retrieving

No-Pull Harness 

A no-pull harness is designed with special straps that attach from the chest area of a dog's body rather than just securing the leash to your hound's neck. This type of harness is ideal for controlling active dogs that tend to pull during dog leash training or when out for a walk.

Pros: More control/no pulling

Cons: Some dogs won't accept a harness

Final Thoughts

No matter which dog leash option you choose, it's important to practice proper dog leash training with your pup so they understand how and when to obey the commands given while on their leash.


Image by Mircea - All in collections from Pixabay