Dog Grooming Tips for the Busy Pet Parent

Dog Grooming Tips for the Busy Pet Parent

As a busy pet parent, finding time to groom your dog can be difficult. Between work, taking care of the kids, and running errands, there never seems to be enough time in the day. But don't worry - we have some quick dog grooming tips that will help keep your dog looking good between grooming sessions!

5 Super-Fast Dog Grooming Tips

  • The Quick Coat Spruce-Up

An important aspect of dog grooming is brushing. Regularly brushing your dog's coat helps to remove dirt, debris, and matted fur, which can make their coat look dull over time. It's best to use a brush specifically made for dogs, and it should be used in the direction of hair growth.

However, while having the right dog grooming tools is important, if you don't have time to haul out the doggie brush, you can use an old towel to rub over their coat and remove debris. Once their coat is free from dirt, run your fingers through their fur to spruce up their appearance in seconds!

  • The Ultimate Coat Degreaser

Cornstarch is a pet parent's best friend! Many of us have this useful food item lurking in the grocery cupboard, ready to thicken our favorite sauce or pie filling, but it can also be used as a grooming tool for Rex! If your pet struggles with a greasy coat, sprinkle cornstarch over the greasy patches and brush thoroughly. This will help de-grease their coat until the next bath time!

  • Wash Day vs. Coat Spray/Dry Shampoo

When it comes to dog grooming, most pet parents worry about how frequently to bathe their pets. The truth is, while regularly shampooing and conditioning your pup helps to keep them smelling paw-some-ly delicious and their coats free of dirt, mats, and pests (fleas and mites), too many bathing sessions can strip their coats of natural oils.

In fact, you should only bathe your dog, when necessary, which is canine code for approximately once a month or more if they have a penchant for digging in mud or swimming in rivers or puddles!

So, instead of coaxing Fido into the tub every time you get in from a walk, invest in a good coat spray or dry doggie shampoo that eliminates odors and conditions your hound's coat. Simply squirt the product liberally all over your pet before running the brush or your fingers through their coat! Job done!

  • Doggie Snout Balm and Paw Butter

Coconut oil is great for chapped, scaley canine snouts and healing tender paw pads! In addition, it contains healthy fatty acids and provides many health benefits for dogs. It's also great as a coat conditioner for dogs with dry coats. Rub a small amount of coconut oil between your palms and then run your hands over Rover's coat for a glossy sheen.

  • Emergency Clean-Up Sessions

We've all enjoyed lovely muddy walks with our canine friends, only to stop and stare in horror at their dirty paws and coats when it's time to hop back in the car or go back indoors. Thankfully, these emergency situations don't always require a full-on doggie vs. bathtub session if you have some disposable dog wipes close to hand or, rather, paw!

While some pet parents prefer to use dog-specific pet wipes, unscented baby wipes or microfiber towels are also great alternatives for mucky situations like these.

Turning Effort into Effort-less

Using our dog grooming tips can literally save busy pet parents a lot of time! They'll also help to improve your hound's grooming sessions as they won't be so labor intensive, seeing as you will have kept on top of things in between!

Image by Dave Francis from Pixabay