Do Senior Dogs Require Dietary Supplements?

Do Senior Dogs Require Dietary Supplements?

As our furry friend's age, they often require different types of care to maintain their health and well-being. One important aspect of senior dog care is diet - ensuring that your aging hound is getting all the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. While many commercial dog foods are designed to meet the nutritional needs of seniors, some owners find it necessary to give their dogs dietary supplements in addition to regular food.

In this hound blog, we will discuss the topic of dietary supplements and feed bowls for dogs in their senior years. Plus, we provide guidance on choosing the right supplement for your hound.

What are Dietary Supplements for Dogs?

Dietary supplements for dogs are formulated to provide specific nutrients that may be lacking in a dog's regular diet. For senior dogs, supplements can help ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids they need to stay healthy. The benefits of dietary supplements for senior dogs include providing energy and helping to maintain joint health. They can also aid with digestion and absorption of other nutrients from food.

Types of Dog Supplements 

When shopping for dietary supplements for your senior pup, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Choose a supplement made specifically for senior dogs as these will have additional ingredients tailored to meet a senior hound's needs.

Typical supplements most senior dogs benefit from include:

  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In addition the quality of ingredients used in dietary supplements for dogs is crucial. If you want to provide your aging furry friend with the correct level of nutrients, it's essential to choose a supplement made from natural ingredients and free of artificial preservatives or chemicals that could potentially harm your pet. Many brands of dietary supplements for dogs made in the USA offer third-party testing to ensure quality ingredients.

Some of the best dog dietary supplement brands available in America today include:

Supplements & Feed Bowls for Dogs

In addition to dietary supplements, slow feeder bowls are excellent for ensuring your hound is fed correctly. These dog food bowls are specifically designed to prevent hungry hounds from eating too quickly. Eating slower helps with digestion and prevents hounds from overeating which can lead to obesity. Slow feeder bowls can also help you portion out meals more accurately, ensuring that your dog gets the right amount of food and nutritional supplements daily.

When combined with the right dietary supplements and nutritious foods that cater to senior hounds, slow feeder bowls can help provide your dog with the correct level of nutrition they require to remain healthy throughout their golden doggie years.

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

There are many brands of feeding bowls for dogs on the market; however, all are not equal, so ensure you do some research before purchasing one.

The best slow feeder dog bowls can be found at:

  • Outward Hound
  • Petmate
  • Ethical Pets
  • KONG

Each brand offers a variety of feed bowls for dogs ranging from simple plastic feeders to more complex puzzles that make a hound's dinner time fun and engaging. Be sure to consider your pup's individual needs when choosing a feeder - size and shape should be taken into account, and ease of cleaning and durability. Ultimately, it's important to select the feeder that best suits your hound's needs.

The Final Chomp

By providing your senior pup with a balanced diet that includes dietary supplements and feed bowls specifically designed for their needs, you can help keep your beloved companion healthy and well-nourished as they age.


Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay