Dangerous Dog Breeds What Every Pet Parent Should Know

Dangerous Dog Breeds What Every Pet Parent Should Know

No pet parent envisages their loveable hound as lethal until one day they are. Unfortunately, because domesticated dogs descend from wolves, an aggressive temperament may just be in their genes. But that's not to say this is true of all dogs. In fact, it's important to note that any breed can be trained to become aggressive (inflict a lethal dog bite) - or not - depending on how they are raised and treated.

Top 3 Dangerous Dog Breeds

 According to US dog laws, regulated dog breeds include:

Pit Bull

While many pet parents feel the Pit Bull has received prejudiced judgment simply because it was bred to fight, it actually ranks most dangerous due to the high number of fatalities attributed to the breed over the years. US cities like North Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami enforce bans or restrictions on Pit Bulls; failure to comply often results in high penalties or, worse, pet euthanasia!  


According to statistics collated for the period 2005-2016, Rottweilers ranked second to Pit Bulls and were responsible for 11% of deaths caused by dog bite injuries. In addition, while loyal and protective, the Rottweiler is a veritable wall of muscle and can be extremely aggressive when protecting its owners and household members.

German Shephard

Often used in the military or police force, these strong, intelligent dogs are powerful and capable of inflicting a lethal dog bite. As a working dog, this breed is an effective crime deterrent. However, they can also be extremely territorial and protective of their owners and pet families. According to the statistics mentioned earlier, the German Shephard was responsible for just under 4% of dog bite fatalities. On the plus side, dog behavior training may lessen their risk as a pet.

Dangerous Dog Restrictions

In some states, it's illegal to breed, sell or import certain dangerous dog breeds, and often the hound must be neutered to prevent breeding. Additional restrictions that usually apply to regulated dogs like Pit Bulls include:

  • The dog must be registered
  • The dog must be kept on a leash at all times in public areas
  • The dog must be muzzled in public spaces
  • The dog's owners must have canine insurance

Other US Dog Laws All Pet Parents Should Be Aware Of

As mentioned earlier, all dogs (even non-dangerous hounds) have the potential for aggression depending on their upbringing, if they received dog behavior training, or were treated badly. Additionally, some dogs may act entirely out of character, and it's for this reason that all pet parents have a set of rules and obligations that apply to them according to their state's US dog Laws, some of which include:

 Dog Leash Laws

These differ from city to city and are designed to keep the public and other dogs safe. Most dog leash laws stipulate that if your hound is off your property (away from home) or not visiting a designated 'off leash' area, they must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.

Failure to comply can result in a hefty fine. If you live in an area that requires your hound to be kept on their leash, why not try the Adventure Bungee Leash? It's great for hounds who want that off-leash roaming feeling!

 Dog Bite Laws

In most states, if your dog bites someone, you, as the owner, are liable for their injuries. Of course, this usually only applies if the person did not provoke the dog or enter a space (your home) without your permission, i.e., they were permitted to be there.

Dog bite laws can be complex depending on the state you live in and the circumstances surrounding the attack; therefore, it's best to ensure you understand the dog bite laws that apply to your hound specifically.

Image by Daryl Rice from Pixabay