Are Dog Kennels the Best Option When Going on Holiday?

Are Dog Kennels the Best Option When Going on Holiday?

Are Dog Kennels the Best Option When Going on Holiday?

When it comes to leaving our furry friends behind while we go on holiday, there are a few options available to us. We can leave them with a friend or family member, take them to a boarding kennel, or even bring them along with us. But which is the best option? Let's weigh the pros and cons of each!

The pros and cons of dog kennels

If you're considering what to do with your dog when you travel, you may be wondering about the pros and cons of dog kennels. On the one hand, kennels can provide a safe and secure environment for your dog while you're away. On the other hand, kennels can be expensive, and some dogs may not do well in a kennel setting. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use a kennel when you travel with your dog is a personal one.

Other options for pet care when going on holiday

Going on holiday is such an exciting time for all, but how do you manage your pet care needs when you’re away? They say never leave a dog behind so if it’s possible, look into how you can travel with your pup. Check out what transport companies like airlines and rental car companies have to offer that meets your furry friend's needs. However if they’re not comfortable to bring along or it's just too complicated, there are plenty of other options to explore. From house sitters to doggy daycare centers and even boarding suites, there is sure to be something that meets both yours and your dog’s requirements. So a holiday doesn't mean saying goodbye to your pooch; get creative with how you might make the most of both worlds!

What to look for in a good dog kennel

When traveling with your dog and looking for a good kennel, you should look for one that's big enough to house your pet's ego. While size is generally important, you also want to make sure the kennel has plenty of ventilation, an area where your pup can rest off the ground, and adequate enrichment items to keep them occupied while they stay there. Last but not least, the kennel should have a staff who are enthusiastic about caring for furry guests and don't simply treat them like a number. Good vibes all around!

How to prepare your dog for a stay in a kennel

If you and your pup are planning a trip out of town, the first step to successful adventure is proper preparation. To prep your pup for a stay in their kennel home-away-from-home, make sure to practice what kind of activities will occur during their stay, such as walking on a leash and treats for good behavior. Additionally, some dogs benefit from the presence of familiar items like toys, beds or blankets from home -- this helps alleviate any anxiety they may feel while being away. And they say it’s important to arrive at the kennel with a smile - that way your doggo knows that this fun-filled vacation was all worth it!

Tips for making the most of your time away from your furry friend

Going away without your four-legged friend may be a stressful experience for both you and them. But with the right tips, it doesn't have to be so terrible! If you are finding yourself having to go away without your furry companion, make sure to do your research on what the best option would be for what to do with your pet when you travel. You can opt for reliable pet care services like doggy daycare or leave them with a loving family member or neighbor who will take good care of them in your absence. That way, you can relax while away and enjoy all that your destination has to offer worry-free!

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