5 Tips to Help You Be the Pack Leader and Have a Well- Behaved Dog

5 Tips to Help You Be the Pack Leader and Have a Well- Behaved Dog

Dogs are pack animals, and as the pack leader, it is important for dog owners to understand how to behave and manage their dogs accordingly. In this guide, we will provide five tips that will help you be the pack leader your hound needs and deserves. When a dog knows his owner is in charge, he is less likely to exhibit bad behaviors such as aggression, dominance over humans or other dogs, and excessive barking. Let's get started with some paw-some pack leader dog training tips for pack leader pet parents!

5 Tips to Help You Assert Yourself as Pack Leader

 #1 Routine Is Vital

Establish a good daily routine and stick to it. Pack leader dogs love routine and respond well when they understand what is expected of them. Take your dog out for toileting breaks at the same time each day, give him meals at regular intervals, and provide plenty of opportunities for physical activity and play throughout the day.

#2: Clear Commands Are Crucial

When pack leader dog training, give clear commands. All pack leader dogs need structure and direction; otherwise, they start to assert control. Instead, be firm but kind and provide your dog with clear instructions on how to behave in all situations. Use consistent verbal and hand cues like "sit," "stay," or "down," followed by the appropriate hand signal.

This will help reinforce good behavior in your pup while keeping everyone safe from over-enthusiastic paws and claws! Remember to always reward your hound with lots of praise and affection for obeying your commands.

#3: Confidence and Assertiveness Are Key

Exhibit calm assertiveness when interacting with your dog. As the pack leader, you need to be consistent and confident when talking or playing with your hound. Using a calm, assertive energy will help your pup understand that you are in charge while also ensuring he feels safe and secure.

Keep your voice level and avoid shouting or yelling, as your hound will see your excited behavior as a reason to be excited too! As a result, your hound will either bark excessively, behave over-enthusiastically or ultimately ignore your commands. In some cases, all three bad behaviors may happen simultaneously!

#4: Exercise Is Essential

Exercise regularly. Regular physical activity is important for a  pack dog's overall health. Not only does it provide the necessary mental stimulation, but it also gives your dog an opportunity to bond with you as you both get some exercise together. A bored dog is never a well-behaved hound! If you don't have time for regular walks or playtime, you can expect naughty behaviors such as chewing and dominance of other pets, etc.

#5: Positive Reinforcement Is Powerful

Reward good behavior promptly. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in pack leader dog training, so make sure to acknowledge your pup's good behaviors with treats, verbal praise, or affectionate petting. This will help your dog associate good behaviors with positive results and therefore encourage them to exhibit these behaviors more frequently.

The Final Say

When struggling with how to show dog you are pack leader, it's important not to become discouraged. Training pack leaders dogs takes time and patience; it also means you have to consistently assert your authority in a kind and calm manner. However, some pack leader dogs may require additional guidance to help them see that their human is actually the top dog!

In these cases, it's perfectly acceptable and, in fact, advised that pet parents enlist help and guidance from a professional dog trainer or pet behavioral specialist in managing their hound's behavior.

Image by Eugen Visan from Pixabay