5 Essentials for Dog Walking

5 Essentials for Dog Walking

Dog walking is an essential part of the bonding process between pet parent and hound. Getting out into nature or going for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood provides vital exercise for your dog's physical and mental health.

Of course, to ensure your dog walking adventures or dog training sessions are enjoyable and productive, having the right dog accessories on hand or rather paw, is key.

5 Essential Dog Accessories for Dog Walking

Whether going on regular dog walks with your hound or trying to get in some quality dog leash training, there are 5 essential accessories that every pet parent should carry:

1. Poop Bags – Poo bags are essential for keeping the surrounding environment sanitary and ensuring you abide by your state's hound poop regulations.

Look for bags that are strong enough to contain solids and liquids (some poops can be quite messy!), have an easy-tie closure, and come in a convenient size that fits easily into your bag or pocket. Check out this paw-some poop bag holder; it will help keep those yukky poo essentials right where you need them!

2. Spare Leash – An extra leash is always handy when dog walking or training because sometimes they break or get misplaced when playing off lead. A spare leash also ensures you can assist if you encounter a lost or truant-playing hound!

3. Water Bowl & Water – some dog bowls are collapsible, making them easy to carry, while others are tough and can be kept in your car boot when out adventuring. It's important to keep your hound hydrated while out on walks, so having access to clean water is essential.

4. Hand Wipes – Keep a pack of antibacterial hand wipes with you on your walks, especially if your hound loves rolling in mud or exploring! They're also a quick and easy way to keep your hands clean and germ-free after performing dreaded poop scoop duties.

5. Treats – Dog training treats are perfect for reinforcing positive behaviors when out walking or training your hound. Carrying small, high-value treats full of nourishing ingredients also ensures your hound's attention or, rather, their snout is always focused on you, which is important when practising doggie recall training or when you need to grab their attention quickly.

What to Pack Essential Dog Accessories Into

Unfortunately, pet parents only have two hands, which makes doing the octopus (carrying a mountain of dog walking accessories) particularly tricky! A utility fanny pack makes perfect sense when carrying important hound accessories. Not only can you keep your dog's essentials close at hand, but it also looks stylish and keeps your hands free for leash training or playing fetch.

Is Dog Walking Essential?

Regular daily exercise can help reduce anxiety in dogs as well as improve their overall physical condition. In addition, even short periods of activity can provide mental stimulation, which helps keep them calm and focused during tasks like dog leash training.

The Final Yip

Dog walking accessories ensure that both hound and pet parent have the best experience possible. From poop bags to treats, having the right items will make your walks enjoyable and stress-free. Make sure you stock up on all your hound essentials before hitting the pavement!

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Image by Mircea - All in collections from Pixabay