5 Dog Accessories That Make a Pet Parent's Life Easier

5 Dog Accessories That Make a Pet Parent's Life Easier

As pet parents, we want the best for our excitable hounds, so providing them with excellent care is paramount. Of course, top-quality care comes with its challenges, often leaving exhausted pet parents frazzled and wishing for an easier way to meet their hound's seemingly, endless needs. If you're a new pet parent or one working to a tight schedule (at the end of your proverbial leash!), you'll love the secret we at Mountain Hound have to share with you today.

Modern advances in doggy tech and dog accessories mean there are several interesting yet useful gadgets available that can help to make your everyday pet care a breeze! From doggy fountains to portable dog water bottles, GPS trackers and more, here are five accessories that every pet parent needs to keep close at hand or rather paw!

5 Hound Accessories for Easy Living

Portable Dog Water Bottle

When heading out on a long walk or hiking adventure with your bouncy hound, it's essential to bring enough water for them. As you know, hound adventures are a thirsty business but carrying bulky dog bowls isn't inconvenient, especially when trying to travel light. However, a portable dog water bottle can save you a lot of hassle. This accessory is designed to allow you to make water available to your dog in a convenient and accessible way. They're also lightweight and come in various sizes, making them perfect for different size dog breeds.

Doggy Fountains

Most dogs love nothing more than a refreshing drink of cool water. However, if you're leaving your dog outside, access to fresh drinking water may be somewhat limited. This is where doggy fountains come in handy. These fountains are designed to supply your dog with continuous running water, ensuring they stay hydrated all day. Plus it also means you don’t have to keep replenishing your dog bowls with fresh water.

GPS Tracker for Dogs

One of the biggest worries pet parents have when out and about with their hound is wondering where they are when out of sight. This is where a dog GPS tracker can help provide pet owners peace of mind. A GPS dog tracker is usually a small device that attaches to your dog's collar, allowing you to track their location in real time via an app on your phone. These gadgets are especially useful if you live in an area with a high risk of pet theft or if you frequently take your dog on outdoor adventures such as hiking or camping. Unfortunately, even well-behaved hounds cannot resist the temptation to go solo when following the scent of a cheeky squirrel, racoon or smelly skunk!

Dog Car Seat Covers

Taking your furry friend for a car ride can be tons of fun for you and your hound, but it can also be messy. Unfortunately, dogs shed hair, drool, and sometimes have teensy, excitable accidents in the car! Dog car seat covers are specifically designed to protect a car's seats from any mess your furry friend may make in your vehicle. These covers are often waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. So the next time you head out on a muddy forest adventure, you can rest easy knowing your car seats are safe from muddy paws and forest debris.

Automatic Dog Feeder

Sticking to your hound's dinner time can be challenging if you have a busy work life or an erratic schedule. Unfortunately, no amount of special hound treats will make up for consistently missing the dinner gong! Besides, if you're anything like us, missing your hound's feeding time is bound to make you feel less than the superhero pet parent you are. This is where an automatic dog feeder comes in handy as they are designed to dispense food at scheduled intervals, ensuring that your dog's meals are timely, consistent, and sufficient. Furthermore, you can set the feeding schedule and the amount of food dispensed to match your dog's specific dietary needs. Now that's what you call being a superhero pet parent. Minus the red cape and inappropriately worn underpants, of course!

Other Useful Dog Accessories Right Here at Mountain Hound

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The Last Woof

There you have it, folks. Five useful dog accessories and some great Mountain Hound products that can make hound care more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable. Whether you're a new or seasoned pet parent, these accessories can help simplify your everyday dog care routine and allow you more time to provide the love, care and quality time your furry family member deserves.

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